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It’s not just about living, we must do what we like 365 days a year. Enjoy every moment that life gives us, doing what we are passionate about and motivates us.

At Academia Garden we are going to help you make every day count, we help you make your dream come true. Opponents, this is the way.

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Small Groups

At Academia Garden, we believe that less is always more. With smaller class sizes, we provide a personalized attention to each student. Join us today and experience the benefits of our small groups.
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Communicative Methodology

At Academia Garden, we offer more than just what others provide. The real distinction lies in our exceptional communication approach. Experience our unique Communicative Methodology.
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Variety of Groups and Schedules

We offer reinforcement classes in secondary education for all levels, as well as university-level subjects such as mathematics, technical drawing, and physics, among others. No excuses, we adapt to you; now it’s your turn to dream big at Academia Garden.
Enrollment is now open at Academia Garden! Take advantage of this opportunity to enrol in our courses.
If you’re looking to master the language that will open all doors for you, don’t hesitate to join our esteemed Academia Garden. Still contemplating?
Download your registration form HERE.


We are located in Almería city (C/ García de Villarroel, next to Torrecárdenas Hospital) in an easily accessible area with free parking. This is our wonderful Garden family, and we love sharing it with all of you.
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